Serpstat prices and plans comparison

G2 Crowd Rating4.
Number of Search Engines22222222
Countries (Google)121121121121121121121121
Keywords in USA DB1.7B1.7B1.7B1.7B1.7B1.7B1.7B1.7B
Number of Plans88888888
Selected Subscriptions Plans
Plan NamePlan APlan BPlan CPlan DPlan EPlan FPlan GPlan H
Subscription Price$19 / mo$69 / mo$149 / mo$299 / mo$499 / mo$999 / mo$1 499 / mo$2 500 / mo
Keywords & Domain Research
Results per Report10015K40K50K75K100K1 000K1 000K
Reports per Day3004 0006 0008 00012 00025 0001 000 0001 000 000
Backlinks Research
Results per Report10015K40K50K50K50K1M10M
Reports per Day1008001 2001 6002 4005 000100 000100 000
Backlinks History
Rank Tracking
Max. Projects102050751001 0001 0001 000
Max. Keywords2007002 0005 0007 50015 00030 00060 000
Update Frequencydailydailydailydailydailydailydailydaily
Tracking Depthtop-100top-100top-100top-100top-100top-100top-100top-100
Mobile ranking
SEO Site Audit
Max. Domains102050751001 0001 0001 000
Pages per month20K150K400K1.25M2.5M5M10M20M
Branded Reports
PDF reports
Branded Reports
White Label Reports
API access
Keywords Clustering
Phone Support
Users included113571020100
Subscription Price$19 / mo$69 / mo$149 / mo$299 / mo$499 / mo$999 / mo$1 499 / mo$2 500 / mo
Refund14 days14 days14 days14 days14 days14 days14 days14 days

Now selected: Serpstat Plan A vs Serpstat Plan B vs Serpstat Plan C vs Serpstat Plan D vs Serpstat Plan E vs Serpstat Plan F vs Serpstat Plan G vs Serpstat Plan H
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